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As reyes stated- check your motor mounts. It is easy to do. Have a buddy rev the engine to 3,000 while parked (going up and down the rpm) while you look at the engine. Does the engine move up and down 3 or 4 inches? If yes, you have at least one broken mount. Pretty easy to replace.

Also, check your exhaust system- including the hangers. If they move around your exhaust could swing an inch or two and give that feeling. When cold, grab the exhaust and try to move it back and forth and up and down. If it moves more than an inch, something isn't holding it properly.

Lastly- brake calipers. I had a friend who had loose brake caliper mounting bolts. The caliper actually moved a quarter inch or so every time he braked or accelerated- and strangely the car still braked properly, but made a thunk noise. We tightened the bolts. So much for the good people at Midas screwing up a brake job.

Remember that sound/vibration can travel and really confuse the heck out of you- that is why you have to look not at the spot you think, but where you don't think it is coming from. Wow, I sound like a martial arts movie....
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