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Hello everyone! I have a 2003 Accord, 2.4L (lx trim if that matters), automatic transmission. I bleed the breaks yesterday (front and rear) and changed brake shoes as well. I noticed on the firewall where the master cylinder is connected it looked like there was some residue that may or may not have been leaking out, on the firewall it’s self. When I go to brake even after the change and bleed it still feels like my brake pedal sinks to floor, and taking a while to stop. I’m thinking it is a master cylinder, just not sure. Any thoughts, or ideas? Has this happened to anyone else?

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i completely flushed it, the fluid that came out at the beginning was a dark brown color. Had a bunch of air bubbles. How would air be getting in?
besides the MC??
If you've an '03 you have rear drums and they have different brake cylinder setups w/drums.
Each cylinder has two rubber seals that can leak...and of course anywhere where there is rubber(brake hoses) which could fail.
Those are the first places to look.
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