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Possible Deal on New 2.0T Sport

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A local dealer has quoted me a new 2.0T Sport essentially at MSRP ($35,150) and offered $11,200 on trade for my 2017 EX-L V6 with 175,000 miles. Out the door is right at $25,700. Thoughts? I'm losing a few features from the EX-L (leather, auto dimming mirror, Homelink, memory seats) but gaining a lot of modern tech with the 2.0T Sport. I'm on the fence because while my car has been a great car, I know I'm in for quite a few repairs in the near future with another timing belt change, water pump, tires, etc. My other option is to wait for the 2023 and jump on the hybrid bandwagon, giving up a great deal of power.
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My Passport lost all connectivity today with any audio. No fm, no bluetooth 50 miles into a 700 mile trip. This is apparently a known issue with a warranty extension. Hope they actually will have the parts in stock. I'm really frustrated with Honda. My last 3 have been disappointments while I love our RAV4's which do what they're supposed to do and the features work as advertised and I find the punch of the hybrids fun. Is that too much to ask? I have no intention of coming back to Honda as they are partnering with GM and Sony, for their EV future.
I have test driven a RAV4 Hybrid and I was very impressed with it. It looks like I might be going the Toyota route sometime in the future.
I traded in a 14 EXL-v6 for the hybrid. Loved the Accord but they weren't making them anymore so I was looking for a gas RAV4 and they had a hybrid available back in 2021 and I immediately loved it. I thought it was going to be a put put car but it wasn't. If you prioritize how a car drives these RAV Hybrids give you instant response to throttle inputs, AWD and outstanding MPG's. Interior and dash is primitive, but everything like auto high beams and BSM actually works as advertised. Sure I'd like something that's more exciting but what's else is out there that's better?
Try driving an Accord Hybrid or a Camry Hybrid to see if you'd even entertain the hybrid route in your decision. Honda is diluting itself with Sony and Chevy. The Toyota V6 will have no timing belt, valve adjustments or a turbo to deal with and will be smooth something that the industry is forgetting as it switches to hybrid 4 bangers. The 2.0t will be the speedster and IMO from what I read the Honda 10 speed is better match for the 2.0t than the 8 speed is for the Toyota V6. Probably no bad decisions here they're all good contenders, just about what's the best fit for you.
That's unfortunate and you certainly test drove a lot of stuff. You spend so much time driving maybe a rental or loaner is something to do next time. I always thought the V6 Accord was a perfect commuter car if highways are involved where VCM could make for some good MPG's. I guess with a Passport you know what a headache low profile tires can be. Hopefully as your new Accord gets seasoned things will improve.
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