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Possible Deal on New 2.0T Sport

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A local dealer has quoted me a new 2.0T Sport essentially at MSRP ($35,150) and offered $11,200 on trade for my 2017 EX-L V6 with 175,000 miles. Out the door is right at $25,700. Thoughts? I'm losing a few features from the EX-L (leather, auto dimming mirror, Homelink, memory seats) but gaining a lot of modern tech with the 2.0T Sport. I'm on the fence because while my car has been a great car, I know I'm in for quite a few repairs in the near future with another timing belt change, water pump, tires, etc. My other option is to wait for the 2023 and jump on the hybrid bandwagon, giving up a great deal of power.
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The other option would be a Camry XSE V6, but I would have to special order and pay several thousand more.
Have you looked outside of your immediate area for a Camry XSE V6? Recently, a bunch have started appearing at my local dealerships in SE Wisconsin. One dealer near me has five different XSE V6 on the lot right now for sale. One is listed for about $1100 under MSRP because it's been sitting for a few weeks:

I can't help but wonder if Toyota has a few extra 3.5L V6 engines laying around now that they've moved to turbo 4s in some of their vehicles. As soon as the Highlander moved to the turbo 4, V6 Camrys started appearing again on local dealer lots near me- and they were extremely hard to find over the last two years.

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Although the Sport 2.0t probably drives better- the Camry XSE is probably the better car to own long-term. The 3.5L V6 is pretty solid in terms of reliability. There are certainly cons to the Camry vs the Accord (crappy infotainment, for example), but if I were to have to choose between a $35k Accord 2.0t and a $38k loaded Camry V6 (that blue one above has every option package- Navigation, heated steering wheel, vented seats, heads up display, and premium audio)... I'd probably go with the Camry despite it's slightly higher price... considering the last Accord I owned was less than ideal in terms of build quality.
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If you don't mind me asking, could you please advise what issues you had with your 2.0T accord? I know you traded it in for another car.
Just looking for some insight into the long term reliability of the 2.0T Accord. Mine also has been giving me some troubles.
I had the rear brake issues that seem to be a relatively common issue on 10th Generation Accords. There is a specific thread on it.

The fit-and-finish on my Accord was also pretty rough... but that might have been just my 2021. My 2019 Accord Sport 2.0t was great in terms of build quality... it was just my 2021 that was rough. The seat controls were loose and fell off, the driver's door handle was very loose, various other fit-and-fit issues. The infotainment system began crashing after a few months of ownership too.
The infotainment system on my 2017 crashes almost daily. I definitely don’t want to deal with that again. The system on my 2021 Passport seems to work very well. I haven’t had issues with it.
It seemed like my Accord's infotainment system would crash/need a refresh most often when the system got confused when using Apple Carplay. For the first few months the car had no issues related to its entertainment system... then all of a sudden it started having issues. It's been eight months- so I can't really remember... but maybe it was after updating the system...? I remember updating the system two different times with my 2021. Maybe one of the updates caused some bugs?

My wife's Passport has infotainment issues mainly when connecting to Apple Carplay via the cord. (Vs my 2021 Accord's Carplay which was wireless). Often the system in her Passport gets confused- then the audio stops working... then all you get is static... and then you have to reboot the system to get everything working again. My wife has just doesn't use Carplay anymore... but that's kinda inexcusable in a modern car that's only a year-ish old.

It seems to be an issue that happens on a lot of modern Hondas. I remember reading that happened often on a CRV and Odyssey that either CarAndDriver or Motortrend had as long-term reviews.

The infotainment system in my 2022 Highlander seems ancient compared to the more modern-looking system in the current Accord... but the system in my Highlander has never crashed... and just seems to work... as does the rest of the vehicle.

Toyotas are kinda boring compared to Hondas... in driving experience... but also in terms of reliability/problems too. My Highlander never raises my blood pressure or pulse... it just works. It's what most Toyotas are... boring appliances that will just keep rolling down the highway without issue as long as you stop every once in a while to change the oil and refuel.

Every time I see a 10th Generation Accord with the 2.0t engine on the road... for a second I remember how fun my 2021 was to drive... but then come to my senses and realize that we did not part ways on a positive note.

Lots of people have positive experiences with Accords- like I said my 2016 and 2019 were awesome... but my 2021 Accord (and my wife's 2021 Passport) have turned me off of Honda for a while. Maybe one day I'll try Honda again... but not anytime soon.
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Just an update. I still haven't made a firm decision. I did visit a Toyota dealer today. They can get a Camry XSE V6 in my preferred color in about 36 days. Sticker price is $40,188 and is non-negotiable. I can also get a less equipped XSE 4-cylinder for closer to $35,000. I test drove a Camry SE with the 4 cylinder and found it to be adequate but not breathtaking by any means. Could I live with it? Yes. Will I fall in love with it? Unlikely.
If you are used to an Accord V6, you probably wouldn't be happy with a Camry with the base four cylinder engine. Not only is it slow (in comparison), it's quite loud when you lay into it. If you don't love it, don't buy it.

Is there a used Camry V6 (2018-2022) in your area that you could maybe test-drive? Full sticker price is rough- but that's somewhat offset by the fact that in a few months, you won't be able to buy a V6 Camry anymore. (Assuming that they ditch it for 2024... which they almost certainly will since that V6 doesn't seem to meet the new emission rules that are coming down the pike.).

I think I mentioned- a dealer near me is discounting some of their V6 top-end Camrys... because they seem to be laying around the lot for a while. $41k for a Camry that's about to get a major redesign is a lot of money... especially considering the fact that it's infotainment system is pretty old-school compared to most in the segment.

The blue one that I posted about on the last page of this thread is still available... and it's about $1000 off MSRP.
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I know I posted that I had decided to keep my 2017 EX-L V6, but with the reality that I really don't care for what I've seen so far of the 2023, the knowledge that I would have to go hybrid, and the knowledge that my car was likely a ticking time bomb for major issues, I decided to pull the trigger on a 2022 2.0T Sport. I really miss my V6 already, but the 2.0T is a beast. I'm hoping for comparable gas mileage to the V6 on my daily commute. I hope for several years of reliable service from my new ride! View attachment 546704 View attachment 546705
Congrats. The 2.0t is indeed a beast of a motor. It's frustrating that Honda is ditching that option for 2023. I don't think that you'll regret your purchase. I can't imagine the 2023 Accord being a better car overall compared to the 2.0t Accord for anyone who wants a decent amount of pickup. The hybrid and 1.5t motor isn't nearly as satisfying to drive as the 2.0t... in a 10th Gen Accord... and I highly doubt that the 2023 will be any different.

You were smart to buy when you did- as the number of 2.0t Accords is rapidly decreasing by the day. The last new 2.0t in my neck of the woods got sold about two weeks ago. There are a few 2022 Sport 1.5t Accords left... but that's it around here. Local dealers aren't showing any incoming 2022s on their websites. They all show incoming 2023 models though... so that means that no more 2.0t models are likely heading for my area.

Looking at your white 2.0t Sport- I'm amazed at just how well the 10th Generation Accord has aged since 2018. The 2022 is pretty much identical (other than some very minor front-end changes in 2021)- but it still looks great- and those wheels are still absolutely beautiful. Keep those 19" beauties away from curbs!
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So, I'm curious what you all think I should do to my new ride, which I have christened, "White Lightning?" I am getting splash guards installed by the dealer. I had thought about the moonroof wind deflector/visor, but I think I have changed my mind on that. It makes the car look 'frumpy' in my opinion. I'm also considering the auto dimming rearview mirror with HomeLink. I have the Honda all-weather floor mats ordered. I'm considering XPEL PPF for the front, hood, and fenders. I might even consider window tint. I'm not going to do anything mechanical, tuning, etc. It's plenty fast for me.
College Hills Honda is a great place to get OEM accessories for a decent price. Lots of people on this forum have used them and have been satisfied. I've purchased accessories for my 2016, 2019, and 2021 Accords from them and they have always been very good in terms of shipping and customer service.

Accessories and custom stuff are largely a matter of taste- here's what I ordered for my 2019/2021 Accords:
-Carpeted Trunk Mat w/Accord Logo- looks much nicer than the cheap piece that Honda ships from the factory- and it looks nicer than the all-weather trunk mat.
-Automatic Dimming Rearview Mirror w/Homelink. An automatic dimming mirror is a must-have for me in any vehicle. If you aren't handy- you could have the dealer install it- although it's expensive through the dealership.
-Splash Guards
-Illuminated Sill Plates- not too horrible to do yourself.
-Cargo Net- requires a special tool to install- which is why the dealer can charge $100 to install a $30 accessory.
-The black badges look pretty nice on a white Accord Sport. They are a bit pricey... but look great on white.
-Wheel locks (combined with a low comprehensive insurance deductible to protect those awesome 19" wheels. You don't have to get OEM locks- any basic locks will work to deter amateur thieves. Pros will still be able to steal them even with the best wheel locks.
-Trunk Handle: Part # 84635-SEA-003ZF... easy to install and makes it so that your hand doesn't get dirty closing the trunk... and prevents fingerprints from a freshly washed car.
-If you live somewhere that sees moderate to severe snow- investing in a second set of wheels/tires that are more winter friendly would be a great investment. Those factory 19" wheels with Michelin MXM4 tires are awful in snow. There are usually cheap sets of 17" OEM Accord wheels on Ebay. I bought a set of new 17" 2018-2020 Accord EX alloys from Ebay and then spent about $500 to have them refinished so they had the two-toned look of the 19" sport wheels.... then mounted more winter-friendly tires on them. Worked great- plus it ensured that the factory 19" wheels never saw salt/snow.

Congrats on your purchase- it's a nice car.
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