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My wife's 98 accord car has had a power lock problem as long as she has had the car. This week while putting in a new door mirror, I noticed a couple things.

The problem all along has been that the door lock switches never moved the driver lock, however when moving the door lock with your hands it causes all the locks to move with it. So it's like a sensor is all good.

New observations with the door panel off: (intermittent issues)

  • At 2 random times when I moved the switch up and down, ALL locks went up and down
  • other times the switch when moved down, it triggered nothing; at the same time when the switch was flipped up, it would trigger the locks except the driver side to go up.
  • one time, I pushed the lock itself down on the driver side, and all the other locks went up. (I was about to dissconnect the harness from the armrest and work on it later; as I wanted to finish up for the night and haveing all the locks go up when my wife is locking her door would drive anyone crazy.

I think I have a serious electrical problem and not a solenoid or actuator problem. any help on the path I need to take of some diagrams? I have my multimeter ready to go.
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