This is a ProClip mount for a 10th gen Honda Accord. It is built specific for that vehicle. You will need to purchase or already own the other half of the ProClip mounting solution for your specific device. It's a two-part mount solution. Go check out their website where you can see how it works. One part is specific to the car (this item for sale) and one part is specific to your device (not in this sale). The two parts screw together. It's really sturdy and attaches to the car over one of the center vents, but still allows you to move the vent slats up or down or left and right, as it doesn't mount to the slats themselves. No screws or anything for mounting this piece to the car. It just wedges in. This is ProClip part number 855374, Center Dash Mount. This part sells for $34.99 new, I just want enough to cover shipping. $5 should do it. Venmo works best for me. Sold my Accord. Sorry, just seeing the How-to-Post thread. Here's the deets:

A. What is for sale/trade (model, specs, etc.): Proclip model 855374 for 10th gen Honda Accord
B. Condition: used
C. Price/What you want to trade for: $5
D. Location of item: Southern New hampshire
E. Picture of item for sale / for trade / for free with a sheet of paper (i.e. verification slip) with the following on it: Will get this added when I get back home, but here are a few pics until I can get a pic with the piece of paper.

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