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alright, after browsing the forum and searching for an hour or two... I'm hoping to have a few questions answered here in one topic.

I own a 2012 Accord Coupe (with factory nav) and want to make the dash more user friendly... similar to this:

Obviously I'd like to have 2 displays: GPS feed on top with audio, bluetooth, etc. options on the bottom display.

My questions are:

A. is it possible to keep factory dual-climate controls with the proposed changes?

B. what kit's and/or structural pieces are needed to modify the dashboard? ...would something like this allow for dual displays?

C. any suggestions for display units? (GPS display and audio control unit)

I'll be having an audio shop do the installation from start to finish... but I wanted to see if anyone had attempted this kind of project on a 2012 Coupe with the factory nav already.

Thanks in advance... and I apologize for any repetitive question asking, there are so many threads cluttered with tons of info.
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