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Hey DA.. I'm still trying to decide weather or not I should just buy new 17" tires for my stock wheels, or buy a new (used) set of 19" G37 rims with good rubber on them..

My first question is will the 19" G37 wheels fit a 2010 accord LX-S?

Secondly, I'm pretty sure the G37 wheels are staggered (8.5 in the rear and 8 in the front)
Do you HAVE to use 2 different size tires (for example, on the rears 245/35-19 and fronts 235/35-19) or can I use 235/35 for both front and rear even though the rims are different widths?

What would the advantages/disadvantages be to running the different size besides the look?

Last question, I plan on getting some Tein S-Techs when the weather warms up again. Will I have issues with the 19 and rubbing? Will rolling the fenders be required?

Sorry if I sound like a dummy, I never took the time to learn about different tire sizes and in the past few days have realized that I know NOTHING when it comes to them!!

Thanks in advance for the help :notworthy
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