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I don't know if it's true for early 2000's Accords, but on our ancient Odysseys (we've had 3 of them over the past 21 years), this code was on a white label affixed to the glove compartment interior. It was either on the side (one or the other), the back or on the edge near one of the hinges.

Turn on the radio, it should say "CODE", just start entering the digits one at a time. When the correct last digit is entered, it will default to some radio frequency that probably doesn't have a station on it (get lots of static if volume is up) ... that's how you know it worked.

I think the early 2000s Hondas never had a built in function to retrieve the serial number either like the later ones did with the 1 and 6 trick. Though my 2012 does also have the sticker in the glove box that you speak of. The card with the code and serial number was included in the same sleeve as the manuals, and the sticker was affixed to the glove box. Nice thing about it is they don't clearly label it as a radio code, it's just a sticker with numbers. To someone who didn't know, they'd think it's just a part number or something.
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