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Hey all.

I have a 2010 Accord EX-L V6 with Nav and CD Changer.

I pretty much followed the radio removal instructions on in this forum for the 2008.

The only power plugs I unplugged were the ones for the CD Changer and the XM radio. I plugged the XM cable into the Isimple cable and then connected it to the radio.

I then turned on the car. The Navigation system came up and I used the Enter button to get rid of the GPS warning. Then I pressed Audio and nothing happened. None of the radio buttons worked. (Power, volume, 1-6, XM, FM, etc)

I was able to use the steering wheel controls to change inputs to xm and then control my ipod. The track listing would display on the bar along with the clock and Bluetooth icon.

I thought maybe something had come loose or the Isimple was messed up.

I disconnected the Isimple, reconnected the XM cable, checked all the power cables on the back of the radio. Turned the car back on and the radio will not work. I put the isimple back on and now the Steering wheel controls no longer work.

I was thinking it has something to do with the anti-theft so I disconnected the battery for a few minutes and reconnected it. I got the insert code here on the screen. I put in my code and then I get the message about the GPS having to find a signal. After that is complete the Nav comes up but still none of the radio controls work.

Any ideas?



So I found this thread, , tried what they said and this seems to be my problem. I have no idea how to take the faceplate apart though. I'm not sure how to get the Navi dial off.

"The tech got it working and here's the issue. Apparently there is a resistor plate behind the plastic face of the radio that lies directly between the volume knob and the menu select knob (the only two knobs on the non navi radio). He said that when the radio is removed, SOMETIMES this resistor plate slides forward from between the radio due to the pulling and tugging required to pop the ten clips loose.

So to correct this, he said use your thumbs, place both your thumbs on the front of the radio between the two knobs. One thumb on VOL and the other thumb on PUSH PWR and press hard. He said it will shift the resistor plate back into place and restore functionality to your buttons. "


Ripped the Navi knob off using great force and was able to see the two parts that are supposed to connect. Bent the metal frame a bit, put it all back together, and now it works.
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