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I hope someone here can help me.

I have a 2003 LX coupe 4cyl. 112K on it. In the last 6 months or so totally randomly while driving or starting up the Radio will act odd and it does not matter if its the CD, Radio (AM or FM), nor my ipod via AUX.

1) No sound but volume shows on screen
2) No Sound, no volume shows on screen
3) Same as above two for a few seconds then loud uncontrollable static until turned off (loud enough to get your ears ringing after not too long).
4) at these times the volume dial seems to do nothing.

Sometimes turning on/off will fix the problem, fix it for a few minutes, or after many attempts not do a thing. To add to frustration It seems to go weeks working fine, then may have a hick up like the above once or twice and go back to working, or go days with these symptoms..... Also sometimes I still have sound but you can here the stereo output die and return every so often. HVAC controls seem fine.

If someone has dealt with similar or may have any idea I would greatly appreciate it, I am not one to work on cars much so I am at a loss.


Does this sound like an issue with the stock head unit? or am I facing problems with wiring? I do have a US-Spec ipod box on the Aux I added a few years could that be going bad and causing issues?
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