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Rear Brake Inspection

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I own a 2000 Accord LX and would like to inspect my rear brakes. Are there any special tools required to remove the drum? Can someone please explain how to remove the brake drum? I tried both sides with no luck.
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Did you make sure you disengaged the parking brakes? Does the drum spin freely?

do you still have a problem? U might need to use some force to get it off, use a rubber hammer/sledge or something like that, and whack it a little.
I do not have drum brakes myself so I do not know if it is ok to whack on it though.
See the attachment for the details of a drumbrake.
I doubt that you need to take off the hub to get the brake drum off.
If you have "extra" threaded holes on the drum (they exist on a disc) then you put some bolts (probably M8 or M10) in there and turn them equally little by little. and the drum should come off.
But then again I have no idea of how it looks.

check the pdf and reply how it goes :thmsup:
cheers :wave:

PS for the moderator I am also attaching a detailed view of "Front brake Caliper" for accord 1998-2001 you may move it or delete it


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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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