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Hey everyone,

Just got me an 08 accord coupe EXL v6 with 140k. Fun car but man, i'm had some bad luck so far. It's needed a lot of TLC so far, had to replace both front tie rods, brakes, front right strut all in the last month. Today the car brought up a diagnostic screen on the Navi monitor and it says "rear camera" yellow and check I select the rear camera option it's says Rear camera "NG". Every time i put it in reverse it comes up.

I could understand this if the car had a camera but it does not. Since i purchased the car its not been an issue. I've put it in reverse and never had this come up.
I'm wondering maybe it had one and the previous owner removed it...but if that was the case i would have gotten some sort of error or something when i put it in reverse prior today.

Makes no sense. What do yall think?
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