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Hi all,

I’m posting my recent attempt to do this upgrade since the touring brake lights just look gorgeous compared to lower end trims.

The initial motivation was simple — my 2020 Hybrid EX-L got rear ended and all major parts at rear had to be replaced / repaired. I have a good relationship with the repair shop manager, so I requested that if he could help with this upgrade at the same time. He was so kind to accept this, but told me to find parts number.

I watched 3-4 videos on YouTube to figure out what I’ll need. This one, for example, shows pretty detailed steps.

Basically, all you need are: a pair of touring trim tail lights on the trunk lid, and touring harness.

I also specially noted a comment below:

So I told my manager friend to buy these:
1. Touring brake lights. 34155-TVA-A61 and 34150-TVA-A61. These fit with 2018-2020 Hybrid Touring.
Note that 2018-2020 non-hybrid Touring models have different parts number, although I assume they should be identical.

2. Rear harness. 32108-TWA-A20. This is where things began to go wrong. This part number posted in the YouTube comment only fits 2018-2019 Hybrid Touring, but for 2020 Hybrid Touring it has a different part number: 32108-TWA-AC0.

As the consequence, I was able to get Touring brake lights working, and everything is going well except an emission system problem and check engine light.

My buddy spent some time examining my EVAP system but didn’t find any leak. He then began to suspect that the harness is to be blamed.

He is right; after replacing to the stock rear harness, all problems are gone, together with the touring brake lights!

I feel quite guilty for wasting him several hours on this somewhat unnecessary issue along with repairing my vehicle. He did not charge me extra for the extra labor time and buying that wrong harness, although it cannot be returned. He is really a trustworthy person for all of my future auto cares.

Here is a photo of the original harness that fits my 2020 hybrid EX-L:

Here is a photo of the wrong harness that fits 2018-2019 hybrid Touring:

Here is a photo that shows the female connector on my vehicle:

My friend commented that some thing much have been mismatching for the upper parts, which disabled the EVAP system and threw that emission system problem on the dash.

So to summarize,

1. I failed to accomplish this upgrade, because I chose the 2018-2019 Hybrid Touring Rear Harness, which made my 2020 Hybrid EX-L show emission system problem.

2. I don’t know if choosing the 2020 Hybrid Touring Rear Harness will work. But I just ordered one to try out. This time I am too shamed to ask my mechanic friend for help, and plan to do it myself on a sunny weekend day.

For this, I am wondering if any 2020 Hybrid Touring owner can reach out:
If you open your trunk lid and look to your left ceiling area, can you find these two white connectors in my post? A picture of both the male and female part would be extremely helpful!

3.Anybody, especially hybrid owners, who is interested in this upgrade should be prepared for unexpected problems…
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