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Hi all,

I've been working through some issues with an aftermarket rear view camera on my 2011 CT for the past couple days now. It's really starting to drive me nuts, so I decided maybe a second opinion may be in order here.

Here's the hardware:

I initially had the cam wired to just the reverse light for power and ground, but didn't have any luck with it, which is weird because the cam only requires 12v 150uA at most.
I've currently got the mirror wired up with a tap-a fuse on the acc fuse and grounded at the drivers dash. At this point the tap a fuse splits the power to both the mirror and the camera in the back of the car (12v ran over video trigger wire to relay common). The relay is set to activate the coil as the reverse light is powered, and the - coil and cam ground are tied into the ground of the reverse light.

So just a recap:
85 reverse +
86 rev gnd, cam gnd
87 cam +
30 12v from tapped acc fuse

I can hear the relay turn over with acc on, when I shift into reverse. I have taken voltages with the car in acc and running, but didn't take note of individual voltages; roughly 11.6v hots in acc, and 14.4 while running. Anyone know if these are normal?

I know the wiring logic is legit, as have a second that I wired up that turns on as expected when shifted into reverse. The weird thing is, I also know that the problem cam also works, but I've only ever gotten it to turn on while testing either by touching the wires to the 12v & gnd leads by hand. I've also gotten it to turn on randomly while fiddling with the cams power connector and reinserting it. And after seeing this, i figured the power connector might be at fault so I lopped it off and wired it directly, but still no dice.

I read about possible PWM on the reverse lighting lines, which is why I tried the relay, but the only other thing I can think of is to try another ground location, which I will be doing tomorrow after work.

I'll try to get a diagram up tomorrow while I'm at work.

Your insight and comments would be appreciated.

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