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Mine is 8th gen 2008 coupe exl v6...

I'm pretty sure it should work with your EX model. I have the EXL V6 and I just got mine fixed from a Honda dealership. The moonroof will also open. If yours is not working I highly recommend having it "reset." I didn't have to pay $ because my car was being repaired from a fender-bender. So, when they did the required testings of the electronics, it must've fixed it :)
Yep I had a EXL V6 2011 Sedan and had this feature as well.....And it wasn't the smartkey entry system on that model...Took a while to get used to because you have to click the unlock twice, the second time holding the button down until all the windows lower to where you want them to..You can't let go or the windows won't go down......This was a mistake I made for awhile thinking it did not work..I let go too soon...
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