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Remote Start Options

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I am looking for some suggestions on remote start for my 2010 EX-L. I have look at a few different options and cant come up with anything.

So far I have looked into the basic Avital system from BestBuy. I used to work at BestBuy for the holidays a few years ago and this was one of the things people were most interested in.

I also have looked into getting the OEM Honda remote start. The only benefit I see to having that one is the ability to automatically turn on certain things on the HVAC system.

Now the problem I am having is what to spend the money on. I want something cheaper that is going to last. BBY says that they will provide install however I know there will be parts to pay for that will run that price up. I can get the honda system for 300 however someone will have to install it and am not sure how high that will run me.

Any suggestions?
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What ever you do dont get the honda starter range is just horrible and the car turns off as soon as you unlock it, get a compustar 2 way starter and alarm great range and thats what I had on my 8th gen and when I purchased the 9th gen back in march the aftermarket starters werent available and I went with the honda one worst decision


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agreed, the honda one is very expensive and doesnt work well. I installed a Viper 5704 in mine and i love it. Just leave the heater on when you get out of the car and you're good. It will also turn on the defroster when the temp is below 32, which is a cool feature. Overall i'm pleased with it.
I have the avital 5303 i LOVE it
Thank you guys for the replies. The Honda one is now out of the question. Haha. Does anyone know what parts I might need to get it installed?

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Used to have the Python 1406 and it was great. The range was incredible and it was quite cheap. I got my entire system for $150. Python is made by the same company that makes the Viper remote start and security, just a different name as it is not sold through best buy.
Thank you guys for the replies. The Honda one is now out of the question. Haha. Does anyone know what parts I might need to get it installed?

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you'll need an immobilizer bypass unit in addition to the remote start/alarm. The installer will also need to program it for your make and model. Im running this one:
Get either autopage c3-rs915 or a viper 5704

Don't get something ugly and looks outdated like the avitals

Autopage and viper have the best looking remotes that aren't huge and have tons of features such as in vehicle temperature check, voltage check, etc.

With that said. Get the autopage rs915. It works better and is a lot easier than viper to use. I have both
I have a Viper on my Accord and a Python on my S2000. Very good products.
I have the Avital 4113 on mine. Was on it when I bought the car. I like it, doesnt have a huge stupid remote to carry in my pocket along with the big key that already works the doors and trunk.

I push the button, the car starts. Works for me!
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