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Remote Start wiring Help

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I have 2013 Honda Accord 2DR with Push-To-Start.

I was able to obtain the Vehicle Wiring from here: Start&make=Honda&model=Accord (Smart Key)#

and I was able to obtain the Viper 4704v Installation guide from The12Volt:

I am panning on using the iDatalink bypass.

As I was looking through the installation guide, the "H3" harness confuses me, like the ignition flex relays wires. Where to do I solder those wires to?
Some wires are self-explanatory, like the accessory/starter output wire connects to the Accessory wire of the car. BUT the car has a second accessory/starter, which wires on the harness I connect it to?
Basically, the Harness (H3) wires 1,2, 5-8, are wires that are confusing me.

Please help me if you can, I really appreciate it! Also don't suggest me to go to a pro installer. I am doing it myself and then post a DIY, giving back to the community for helping me. I am sure a lot of members will love to have a remote start DIY tutorial.

A sketch drawing will definitely help too! Thanks again!
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The rear defroster wire is Brown.

Below dash fuse box, white 28 pin plug, pin 14
The smart pcu is acutally the Keyless Access Control Unit left of the steering column, to the right of the fuse box.

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