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Okay now this started a few days ago but on my way to work in the morning my sound cut out. I have an aftermarket sound system. front and rear components and an amp powering it. plus another ampconnected to that powering a 12in sub.

ive had this set up since april 2010. now onto my story. on my lunch break i spent a good hour making sure my connections were good and i noticed that my green power light was really faint. i disconnected the rem wire and the faint power left the amp. i then checked the rem thatw as wired to my factory radio and noticed that it was the remote wire that goes to the radio that was a dud. I plan to copnnect the amp's rem wire to a 12v wire via a switch (so it doesnt drain my battery when the car is off). that should be cool right?

when i did test the rem against a 12v circuit, my music would play again (yay) but when i turn the volume to 30 the sound gets heavily distorted and then the radio goes blank. i replaced my 7.5 fuse to the radio under the driver's side and the radio worked again. i did the volume test again and the darn fuse blew again. i replaced it once again and now im stuck.

this all happened randomly and for no reason. autozone checked my battery and alternator and im still at full charge. the settings on my amps havent been changed since april 2010.

any ideas on whats going on guys? :(
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