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I got rid of my 14V6 when the starter was having issues and it was due for a timing belt. I elected to trade it in. The thought of having to spend 4k on 7 year old car that didn't have the updated safety features made the decision to trade it in easy.

IMO, once you commit to the timing belt, tensioner and water pump, spark plugs and valve adjustment, that's the point of no return. It's a investment for the long haul. I wasn't willing to do that so I just thought well, it's come to an end as the Accord with a V6 is not replaceable. You will miss the V6 and its effortless power delivery. Don't think a V6 in a Honda Suv is medicine because it's not, they are too heavy to move effortlessly. The 9th gen Accord V6 to me was a once in a lifetime vehicle at that price point, so well equipped.
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