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I was at the same point in 2021 with my 2012 V6 Accord. I had a nasty spool valve oil leak right after the timing belt and frozen rear calipers. I had already done the Timing belt/water pump so at that point i was the "point of no return" @14v6 had said above. It is great to have the 3.5L V6 for power, Really gonna be hard to replace that gem when it comes time. Im at the point now unless I have complete Engine failure/Lockup Im keepin the car. (even if Trans goes, id probably replace it) Im at a different point in my life where I..(Like many)...dont go into an office anymore. I used to drive 45 miles a day to work now my car just sits in garage until I go to the store or gas station. For me its a no brainer to just keep what I have an enjoy my repairs I have done on it and also most importantly NO CAR PAYMENT!!
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