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My question is, does it really cost 4K to replace all parts at this mileage?
Obviously I don’t know the exact condition of your car, but if the car has been well maintained so far, most likely it doesn’t need that much in maintenance at all at that mileage.

I did the timing belt, water pump ie. the whole package at a local independent shop I trust about 1.5 years ago for about $800 or so. Granted, this was an indie shop that typically charges less than the dealerships, you can still get it done at the dealership for $1-1.5k, depending on your area. As far as the rest, spark plugs and valve adjust shouldn’t cost more than a couple hundred each. Spark plug replacement can even be a DIY job if you feel like it. Oil change, trans fluid and brake fluid (that’s if you need them at the same time). That’s about 2k-2.5k all in.
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