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The flex pipe portion is on the J pipe and it is a very cheap part.
It’s the parking brake return spring that seized, not the slave cylinder. Don’t replace both calliper unless both are seized. Centric rebuilt rear caliper cost around 80 USD each and I recently replaced both (all seized), the process itself is not difficult at all, plus bleeding the rear two brakes. I’d say it would take 3 hours of labour if not less, because the entire process including lift the car should take 90 minutes.
You’ll also have the option to not replace it, just tighten the parking brake cable. There will be some uneven brake force when parking brake is engaged but I don’t see that as a problem for parking. One of my friend did this to his crosstour and the car stops just fine when parked. A frozen parking brake spring will put some pressure initially, because the parking brake spring never returns to its normal position, once the brake pad wears off it will no longer drag. And this will not affect your normal hydraulic brake.
I suggest replace the caliper when your brake pad is due. This will save lots of labour.
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