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tldr; Spent almost $4k on maintenance in the past year. Do I spend another $3.5-4k to maintain it or trade it in?

My '13 V6 EX-L has just shy of 96k miles. I'm a stickler for maintenance and have done everything recommended and more. In the past year I've replaced the spark plugs, timing belt, water pump, starter motor, all the fluids, and a new set of winter tires. Close to $4k in all. Some gasket was leaking when I did the timing belt, but it was going cost another $800 so I opted for a $30 leak-stop additive and it seems to have worked. I've a few issues recently:

First, when I put my winter tires on I noticed the parking brake doesn't stop one of the rear wheels anymore. Second, there's a rattle at low rpms. A local shop (which I trust) said the caliper is frozen, and I should replace both rear calipers (and then brake fluid). $850.

The rattling is the flex pipe which for some dumb Honda reason is one piece with the catalytic converter. I haven't read anything good about aftermarket catalytic converters, and the dealer wants $1500 for the part, probably $2k with labor.

My regular tires need to be replaced in the spring, expecting around $800.

When I'm in a parking lot and turn the wheel more than half-way to the right, there's an add noise. Both my shop and dealer told me nothing is wrong, but I'm wondering what else may break .

In all I'm getting close to another $4k in maintenance. I'm starting to wonder if it's worth it on this almost 10 year-old machine. I would for sure miss the V6.

Would you repair or replace it?
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