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I did a little fun research for more hypermiling for myself and decided to share on here.

This is strictly referring to the base model 2020 Honda Accord Hybrid and how to get the most miles in city driving.

I like to hypermile in city driving. I enjoy seeing above 50mpg and some times above 60mpg, when I put my mind to it.

So, I was thinking that since I do hypermile and get good mpg above Honda's EPA, I decided to find out why the 2020 Camry Hybrid base and 2020 Sonata Hybrid base are rated more and what makes them get more mpg. Then I found what I think is the reason. The tires!
More important: The Wheels!

Larger wheels have a higher moment of inertia, requiring more energy to change their speeds. But even more important, aerodynamic drag increases substantially. You'd be far better off keeping your 225/50R17s and getting some wheel covers.

You also won't compromise handling, or fool yourself into thinking you've traveled 2% more miles due to changing the tire's circumference.
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