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Replacing exhaust flex pipe

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mine is leaking, new one in the mail.

looked at those spring bolts that hold it to the header. Are those ever going to come out? My car is from Northern Ohio and every piece of the suspension has been rusted solid and I can only imagine these bolts being the same way.

What do I have to look forward to?
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Did you order an OEM flex pipe or aftermarket (then which brand)?

For the bolts, you'll probably have to cut them and replace them. You should also replace the gaskets...
I e-bayed it so I do not know the brand, but not OEM. Comes with gaskets.

I can cut the bolts off of the converter, but if I cut them from the header I would have to drill them out and extract.
If they are original honda bolts and you can get a hold of the head, you stand a chance. If they are lower grade bolts, you're screwed the bolts will break. The bolts screw into nuts that have been lightly welded to the manifold. I used a dremel and cut through the welds, then your just back to a nut and bolt, easier for future disassembly.
Thanks. Sounds like worse case I will just grind off the nuts. I'll make sure I have new bolts just in case.
How much for the flexpipe with gaskets?
$67 with shipping. There was a used OEM piece for $90.
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