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Which strut will be better for ride quality/comfort?

  • Tein Endura Pro (fixed dampening)

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  • Tein Endura Pro Plus (adjustable dampening)

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  • Honda OE

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Tein Endura Pro & Pro Plus are the only aftermarket struts available for 10th gen Accord.
These are their model numbers & manufacturer's description.

Model: Endura Pro (fixed damping force)
Part #s: VSHL0-A1MS2-L , VSHL0-A1MS2-R, VSHL1-A1MS2

Model: Endura Pro Plus (damping force adjustable)
Part #s: VSHL0-B1MS2-L , VSHL0-B1MS2-R, VSHL1-B1MS2

EnduraPro and EnduraPro PLUS are high-performance OE-shape shock absorbers. Designed to use with the vehicle's original (OE) spring and upper mount, their lower spring seat is shaped identical to the OE shock absorber. In addition to replacing worn or leaking OE dampers, these products are excellent to improve specs like ride quality or handling without changing your ride height. You can also use them with TEIN lowering springs.

These seemed like ideal replacements for those seeking to improve ride quality/comfort, maintaining their ride height (maintain their OE springs), and save costs from investing in full coilovers.
Since there hasn't been any reviews on them for 10th gen Accords, your feedback & insights will be greatly appreciated.

If any, how much will ride quality/comfort improve on these over OE dampers?
How long are OE dampers expected to last on 10th gen Accords?
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