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Introducing the RV6 PCD/Downpipe for the 9th generation Accord I4 Earth Dreams engine. The RV6 PCD/Downpipe replaces the highly restrictive O.E pre-catalytic converter, with a free flowing contoured casting and 2.5” tubing.

When you look at the O.E precat, you can easily tell it was designed to be made cheaply and to be mass produced. The components are stamped and welded with no consideration for turbulence or restrictions. This combined with 2 catalytic converters, causes the engine to be literally choked out of a good amount of power.

This product is still in the testing phases. We have a CVT running problem for about a week now. Next we will test a manual and hopefully get some dynos.

Here are some dynos from similar products that we also manufacture.

2nd Gen TSX
RV6 PCD + TAKEDA CAI: (+14.76 WHP / +4.02 WTQ)

2012+ Civic Si.
RV6 PCD (+13.3 WHP / +11.5 WTQ)
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