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RV6 V6 J-Pipe - 8th <--> 9th ?

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A little background...
Me and my best friend were fortunate enough to both own 6-6 black coupes. I had a 2007 and he had a 2008. I have since sold the 2007 and purchased a new EX-L V6 coupe 6AT (unfortunately MT are so hard to find). So now he is selling his 08. Before he does that I am trying to snag all the parts off his and put it on the new baby. So far I have successfully swapped over the Takeda intake with minor modification and a Progress Tech 22mm rear sway bar with end links.

Now onto the next item of interest....

I am trying to figure out if the RV6 J-pipe for the 8th gen will fit on the 9th gen. After some preliminary measurements it looks like its the same pipe. All the dimensions seem to line up. The only difference is the O2 sensor in the 9th gen (8th gen doesn't have an O2 in the J-pipe). So my next goal is to try and switch the pipes. If both pipes can be switched successfully, I will then consider bringing both pipes to an exhaust shop were I will add an O2 sensor mount for the RV6 J-pipe, and I will have my 9th gen stock J-pipe sealed up to put back on the 8th gen.

Has anyone else tried going down this road, or have any information on this topic? I have also contacted Rich from RV6 regarding my theories and ideas.

9th gen O2 sensor mount in front pipe
Auto part Automotive exhaust Exhaust system Pipe Muffler

9th gen stock pipe
Auto part Pipe Automotive exhaust Engine Exhaust system

8th gen stock pipe and RV6 pipe
Automotive exhaust Auto part Exhaust manifold Exhaust system Pipe

Note: The only major difference in the Resonator. The 8th gen and the 9th gen seem to have different designs, but I think they are the same overall size. I will confirm this when I try and switch the pipes over to see if they will fit.
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any thoughts? There has to be a few creative people out there in search of more ponies!
Are you testing the V6 downpipe, because I know there's a separate thread for the I4 downpipe. I'm going to see what happens with the J-pipe first, then I may consider some mods to the down pipe. My one worry is that if you remove the down pipe cats, your going to overload the only cat left which may make it wear out faster. Maybe Im just being crazy.

Im actually considering wrapping the down pipes to take some heat away from the engine compartment now that I have a short ram intake.
I am in contact with Rich via email. Once he comes back from Sema we will chat more about where to go from here. I think I will try to remove both pipes from the 8th gen and the 9th gen to confirm exact measurements. I will try and test fit the pipes to confirm. If indeed the 8th gen fits on the 9th gen, I will try and bring it by an exhaust shop to mount the O2 sensor in the 9th gen setup, and have the sensor hole covered for the 8th gen swap. I will report back when I start getting into the nitty gritty of it all.
Im sure it will fit. The only issue is that if you have a regular shop weld on an O2 sensor mount the weld joints wont be as good of quality as RV6 machine welds. I just feel bad cutting into a top quality stainless pipe and putting sub par welds in it.

Same reason I am having a hard time adding the "through pipes" to replace the mid muffler and resonator because the stock exhaust is fairly nice quality stainless steel.
...Less turbulence from rough angles means a better flow.

think of trying to tip a 1 liter of soda over and pour it out without shaking it....

Now try pouring a 1 liter bottle of soda out and shake it slowly in circles until you get a cyclone effect.

That's roughly what you are trying to do to your exhaust gasses.
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