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Just picked up a 8th gen EX in February. Waiting for better weather (I live in Mass) to put on many many boxes of aftermarket and OEM parts sitting under my bed. Should have it complete by July.

Yes I have the K24Z3 so I will not be tuning or upgrading performance other than your typical Intake and maybe exhaust mods. Strictly going to be an appearance build for now.

I had an 02 EXL in white coupe and I RICED that thing out and absolutely loved it. In my opinion the 8th gens are the most appealing. Yes even better than the ‘18 Accord. unfortunately they don’t offer a V6 motor in the 10th gens so F U Honda for doing that.

ANYWAYS, I have a long list of things I have planned for upcoming months. Pictures will follow everything I do once it’s installed. This thing is pretty base minus the sunroof so lots of money and time will be invested buttoning it up.


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