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Selene's Official Modification Thread ('99 Accord LX)

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Okay, I figured it was time to get my car's thread out of the introduction board so people will actually see my updates, haha. If a mod or admin wants to move this to a more appropriate board that's fine; I thought because it's a 6th gen it would get the most views in the 6th gen board.

Anyway, I'll start with photos of the process of my dad and I plasti-dipping the entire car, from OEM Flamenco Black Pearl with sun damage and chipping/a replacement hood that was green to graphite black pearl over gunmetal gray plasti-dip. It's not perfect but I think it looks a lot better than when I got it. The photos and text below are re-posted from my intro thread but I wanted to get them in here as well. I'll be posting updates on Selene in this thread from now on.

Taping off, base coat, grey and top coat with pearl:


So as you can see, dad and I (mostly dad) got Selene dipped over the weekend. The finish came out a bit textured, especially on the roof, and I believe that was a combination of the sprayer not being quite powerful enough and/or my dad's never painted with plasti-dip before, haha. He was spraying a little too far away where he had a hard time reaching on the roof and center/top of the hood. I don't care about that though, I think it looks awesome! I kept the bottom trim and front Honda logo original (I taped off the whole front emblem). The rear 'H' came right off, and I have to peel the dip off the Accord emblem because I didn't want to risk breaking it trying to take it off. I stuck it back on there a few weeks ago with metal/glass adhesive and it would have been a battle trying to get it off. I have to put the LX emblem on as well, but I'm probably gonna try badge glue on that, or E6000.


We taped it off and wiped it down very, very thoroughly with denatured alcohol before painting. My dad's first job was taping off cars to be painted, actually, haha. Before that we did body work: filled a rust hole in the left rear wheel well facing the door and primed it, you can't tell there was ever a hole there now. Filled in gouges on the hood and bumper from a truck backing into it; couldn't get it all but it looks a hell of a lot better. Filled in some little rust holes on the hood as well. I sanded the clear coat that was chipping down/off where I could with a little motorized disc sander. Hand-sanded the sun damage under the passenger side windows, rust on the rear passenger door and a little round rust spot on the driver door. That came right off, it was only surface rust left from [apparently] a magnet that was left on the car.


We used two gallons of black, one gallon of gunmetal gray, and two gallons of top coat: one gallon of clear that had 25g of hyper black graphite pearl mixed in and the other by itself. We didn't use all of the paint. We put on three tack coats of black, two wet, two or three wet coats of gray, one tack coat of clear and then the rest of that gallon and about half a gallon of the other clear. The wet coats used about a quarter to a third of a gallon each so I think we got the ratio down. I would have liked to get more coats on but dad has a bad shoulder and he could only take so much painting.

Anyway, since the hood and roof came out textured, I might go back up to my parent's place this weekend and try giving it a gentle misting in naptha with the spray gun and see if that evens out the texture. We had xylene to clean the paint gun and mixing stuff, but I knew they stopped recommending xylene to thin dip with.

The hood was my fault. I tried taking a swing at painting and I royally effed it up, haha. But dad fixed it as best he could. You can barely tell by looking at it in person that there's a bit of striping near the top. The photo I took doesn't have great lighting and from the angle it's at you can totally see it. Maybe this weekend I'll go up and practice with the gun so I can do it myself next time, or we can take turns. I stayed in the garage and mixed up the paint and was on air hose patrol while he was walking around the car painting. Dad couldn't believe the color actually came out "looking like the pictures" I showed him back when I was still contemplating it. The color was almost exactly what I pictured in my mind. I wish it was more glossy but we could always add more later. I'd have to fix the texture first.

I took this photo right after putting some Dip Coat Protective Spray on her. I actually applied it with paper towels so we didn't do too terribly with the texture. It only grabbed the paper on the hood and roof a little. Otherwise it went on pretty smooth. If I had a microfiber towel I probably would have had less trouble.

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Seems legit. I'm texting the seller to see if I can take a look at them this weekend. They should fit my tires. I have P195/65 R15s so they should mount right on, correct?

1992 Honda Accord Rims, 1992 Honda Accord Wheels at

This says they're 1992 wheels and are 4 Lug, 115mm Bolt Pattern like my 1999's. Only difference is my wheels are 15x6.0 and these are 15x5.5
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The 99's are 4 lug? The wheels seem to be in decent shape, I'm not sure if your tires will fit or not though. If anything you get the rims and when your tires need replaced on your old set get new tires for these rims.
The steel wheels on my '99 are 4-lug, yep. I need to take the winter tires off so I am having my dad price me a new set of tires now.
You have my complete and total admiration for all you have accomplished on both this car and the Camaro. You're a one of a kind gal....well done.

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Aw, shucks... :blush:
The steel wheels on my '99 are 4-lug, yep. I need to take the winter tires off so I am having my dad price me a new set of tires now.
Sounds like a plan! Post pictures when they're on the car!
I shall :)

Also, I saw a black 6th gen Accord today! This is what my car probably used to look like, without the sun roof...unfortunately, there was some sun damage to this car on the trunk, you can't see it in this photo though.

Soon, Selene will be back in black with a new pair of shoes. And maybe a little facelift with a new front bumper.

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What do you guys think of these two spoilers?

Lip spoiler

'92 OEM spoiler near me for sale

"I no longer have the plastic guards that came with it, the wire that goes to the light has broken off, and a couple of the screw holes could use some work, but the spoiler is completely serviceable, and all of these things are reasonably easy to fix."

I assume this is what it looks like installed:

I may be wrong but I think the "LED" strip across the back of this is actually a bunch of little bulbs and not real LEDs. Plus the wire is ripped off...I could probably just dip over it and no one would be the wiser. I'd rather not drill more holes than necessary into my car's precious ruined trunk anyway! Haha.

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RE: Wheels.... Keep your steelies with the winter tires mounted and buy some fresh rubber for those early 90s wheels. That way come winter, all you need to do is just jack up your car and swap out wheels, rinse and repeat for spring / summer.

RE: Spoiler.... I personally prefer the decklid spoiler.
RE: Wheels.... Keep your steelies with the winter tires mounted and buy some fresh rubber for those early 90s wheels. That way come winter, all you need to do is just jack up your car and swap out wheels, rinse and repeat for spring / summer.

RE: Spoiler.... I personally prefer the decklid spoiler.
RE: Wheels.... Keep your steelies with the winter tires mounted and buy some fresh rubber for those early 90s wheels.
Yessir :)

RE: Spoiler.... I personally prefer the decklid spoiler.
I think I do too. The "SpoilerKing" photo is from an eBay seller with 100% feedback which I'd buy from if I go with that one. That spoiler is about $46 new. I don't mind spending a little more if it means I'll be more happy with it. I want my car to be subtle and sharp.

Another update: I might try to "restore" the black molding that covers the "chrome" trim around the windows this weekend. It's all faded and chipping off on the passenger's side, right where the paint faded and chipped from the sun. It's supposed to be clear and about 60 degrees out tomorrow afternoon; I'll post photos of the process if I end up doing it. That or I'll order whole new trim replacements...

Yay for an excuse to go to the hardware store! Maybe I'll pick up some lumber to build a box spring for the bed while I'm there. Remind me to measure the metal bed frame before I head out tomorrow...
This is the spoiler I am looking at getting. Nothing special, but out of all the ones I've seen this is the only one I've found that flows with the rest of the lines on the car.

Remin® - Honda Accord 4 Doors 2002 Custom Style Rear Spoiler with Light

I don't really mind the look of the car without the spoiler, that's why I'm not in too big of a rush to get one. I like the lip spoiler a lot but if I were to get a lip spoiler like the first one you posted I would definitely fill in the gaps to try and get it to look something like this:

It would have more height to it though, and not as much sticking out from the car.
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Picked up the wheels today. They need a little TLC, but for $100 they're not bad.

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Glad that deal ended up working out! They'll look great on the car!
Did some simpleton math; Selene is getting around 28-29 MPG combined city/highway. Mostly highway. I don't run her until the low fuel light comes on so I estimate I can go about 450+ miles or so on a tank, run 'til empty. I go about 400 miles before filling up. So my rough estimate is about 28 MPG if I had to run it near or to empty. Not bad for what could be registered as a Classic Car in Pennsylvania!

Going up to my parents' this weekend. I might work from their house on Monday so I get an extra day to be there. Dad priced me a set of Hankook Optimo H724 P195/60 R15 tires for my new wheels at $79.99/tire. $320 roughly is not bad as you can get a set on shipped for about $306. I will be getting a full set instead of just getting Firestones for on the front. The Firestones on the back will stay part of the winter set until probably next winter when I get another pair of Hankook I-Pikes to match the fronts.

I was checking out the window molding on the passenger side the day I went to the hardware store...and I ended up just ripping the rubber part off of the front passenger side, the part that sticks out, not the stuff tucked down into the window track itself. It came off in one nice clean piece. There's chrome underneath and you can't even tell there was rubber there before. Looks way better! I'll probably take a razor blade to the other three and cut them to match.

Silly question time...

I frequently run Selene on the highway to work and back, keeping pace with the rest of traffic. Sometimes I feel bad for driving the car so "fast" (let's not kid ourselves here, I'm not going that fast lol) because it's only an I4. Mostly because the RPMs go up to around 3K when going uphill and though the car doesn't seem to strain, I still feel like it's not good for the car...? Is running it at 3K RPM for multiple minutes at a time going to hurt her? This is probably a really dumb question :p

EDIT: Well, I Googled it and this guy has the same car, he runs it at 80 MPH (yikes!), and was wondering the same thing, haha. I think I might be babying my car a
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3k RPM shouldn't do anything, thats pretty safe just uses more fuel. If you were bouncing it off the limiter it would be a bad thing, which in an auto would be full speed.
I don't think I've ever seen the needle go past, ever. And when it did I believe I was going up a very steep hill using cruise control, and the computer decided to floor it to keep the speed at 65 MPH, haha. I'd be terrified if it even got near the limiter!

Maybe some day I'll take her to Numedia Dragway or something and see what her 0-60 is. I'll make everyone promise not to laugh before I go on the track though. lol
Going WOT every once in a while isn't necessarily a bad thing. Some people say that going WOT will even help keep passages clear of any carbon build up.

Me, I go WOT because I want to....or need to. :D
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No stored or pending codes, yay!

So, I was a bad mommy and didn't check Selene's oil since I traded dad's Camaro back...she was down a quart and a half... :( She's still got a leak somewhere and/or is consuming some oil.


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