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Congratulations! A fine choice. You may be the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th owner. With great power comes great responsibility. Do you know which maintenance (if any, and when) was done to your ride? If not, get busy getting it up to date. You can do all of this for under $250 in one day with basic tools. It's easy! Read your owner's manual on when to change these items! PLEASE be responsible and recycle your cars' fluids (most auto parts stores take them for free).

First order of business, update your User CP information to include your city and state/country- so much depends on location.

When the car is new to you- check the oil, coolant and transmission fluid levels daily. Yes, DAILY! Do that every day for the first week or so. This is because you have no idea whether the car burns/leaks oil or coolant, or the rate at which it happens (hopefully you got under it and checked for leaks before purchase, or had someone gas it hard and check for smoke). After a week or two, you should have a good understanding and can reduce your checks to weekly- if everything checks out. Did the oil level stay the same, drop a little, or drop a lot? So much of your "new" car's health is dependent on how previous owners cared for it. Monitor the engine oil level so that you don't wind up with a $1,200 repair bill 6 months from now. Don't allow the engine oil level to get low!

Do It Yourself (DIY) Maintenance - What to do and How to do it.​

Automatic Transmission fluid drain and fill (not a flush!) (x3)
Yes, doing this 3 times changes 82% of your total transmission fluid.
Member "Armystrong" excellent write-up:DIY ATF Change Drain and Fill - Drive Accord Honda Forums
(One drain and fill gives you 43% new fluid. Second D&F leaves you with 68% new fluid. Third D&F: 82% new fluid!)

Manual Transmission?
Member "RyanHaub" excellent write-up: DIY/How To: Manual Transmission Fluid Change (7th Gen I4) - Drive Accord Honda Forums

Coolant/anti-freeze change
Click this you wise car owner, you:

Oil and filter change
You checked your oil level weekly, right? Right??? C'mon!

Power Steering fluid change
Member "Drew03Accord" method (tough guy method): Power steering fluid change made EASY and another tidbit. - Drive Accord Honda Forums
Member "Princess" method (turkey baster): DIY needed for Power Steering Fluid Flush - Drive Accord Honda Forums

Brake fluid change
Member "rookie" excellent write-up: DIY: 7th gen brake fluid change (4cyl LX, front discs rear drums) - Drive Accord Honda Forums
(did you see Moderator/Member "sodaks2K" note about the order in which you bleed the brakes? You should!)

Mass Air Flow (MAF) Sensor and Throttle Body (TB) cleaning
Mass Air Flow Sensor (MAF) cleaning
Throttle Body cleaning

Member “golftango” excellent write-ups click below:
Seafoam, clean MAF and new fluids - Drive Accord Honda Forums
7th Gen Throttle Body Cleaning - 2.4L - Drive Accord Honda Forums

Go to and read these:
Date code on tires (4 digits) click here:
Tire rotation click here:
Air pressure click here:
...and check the air pressure on the spare tire too!

Front Struts

Serpentine belt
Member "AznAccord08" excellent write-up:DIY: 7th Gen I4 Serpentine Drive Belt Replacement - Drive Accord Honda Forums

Power steering O-ring
Do this:

Spark plugs
I4 engine: Best "write-ups" are these two YouTube videos:

V6 engine: Member "Mike W" excellent "How to" thread click below:
DIY: Replace 7th Gen V6 Spark Plugs - Tons of Pics of Front and Rear Plugs - Drive Accord Honda Forums

PCV valve
Member "Princess" and her post on how to check/clean it:
PCV Valve - Drive Accord Honda Forums

Engine air filter
I4 engine click here:
V6 engine Member "SSMV6" excellent write-up click here: 7th gen V6 Engine Air Filter Change - How To - Drive Accord Honda Forums

Cabin air filter
Member "Honda247" excellent write-up click here:
DIY Cabin Filter for 7th and 8th Gen. - Drive Accord Honda Forums

Transmission filter
I4 external filter: Member "Armystrong" excellent write-up (page #2, post #20)
DIY ATF Change Drain and Fill - Page 2 - Drive Accord Honda Forums

V6 internal filter: Member "Mike W" excellent write-up:
Changed V6 Trans Filter and Pressure Switches...Much Better Performance - Drive Accord Honda Forums

Pressure switches: Changed V6 Trans Filter and Pressure Switches...Much Better Performance - Drive Accord Honda Forums

Clay, wash, wax, seal
Member “glen e” EXCELLENT and INVOLVED write-up to make your Accord win awards and stop traffic, click below:
New Accords: Sealant procedure (attachments) - Drive Accord Honda Forums


CRC makes excellent cans of MAF cleaner and Throttle Body cleaner, about $8 each at any auto parts store. Seafoam is about $7 - $10 at same places.

Honda's automatic transmission fluid is called DW-1, and is part number 08200-9008A You will need 9 quarts to accomplish 3 drain and fill procedures.
The Automatic Transmission fluid drain plug washer is part number 90471-PX4-000.
Honda Manual Transmission fluid (MTF) part number 08798-9031
Honda's coolant is part number OL999-9011A. You will need to purchase 2 gallons of this, yet you will use only 1.3 gallons- so you will have some left over. Do not mix "Honda Blue" coolant with any other brand of coolant.
Engine oil: 5W-20
Oil filter Honda part numbers 15400-PLM-A01 or 15400-PLM-A02
(both Honda, one manufactured by Honeywell, the other by Filtech)
Oil plug crush washer: 94109-14000
Honda's power steering fluid is part number 08206-9002A I usually use 2 bottles to accomplish a complete change of fluid.
Honda's brake fluid is part number 08798-9008A I usually use 2 bottles to accomplish a complete brake fluid "bleed".

Serpentine belt Honda part number 38920-RAA-A02
Power steering O-ring: Honda part number P/N 91345-RDA-A01
Spark plug original equipment for the I4 and the V6 are:
-NGK brand IZFR6K-11 (PZEV model spark plug number ends in "13", not "11".)
-DENSO brand SKJ20DR-M11
PCV valve: Honda part #17130-PND-A01 for the 4 cylinder, (17130-RCA-A02 for the V6 engine)

Engine air filter: Honda part number 17220-RAA-A00
Cabin air filter: Honda part number 80292-SDA-A01
I4 Automatic Transmission (inline) filter: Honda part number 25430-PLR-003
V6 Automatic Transmission (internal) filter: Honda part number 25450-RAY-003 AND V6 owners will also need:
O-ring 91301-RAY-004
Gasket 91302-RAY-003
Washer 94109-12000 (2 ea)
Automatic Transmission pressure switches (3rd & 4th) for V6 (NOTE: the 4 cylinder with auto transmission does NOT need pressure switches!)
# 28600-RAY-003 (3rd)
# 28610-RAY-003 (4th)

BATTERIES: (Many DriveAccord members purchase aftermarket batteries)
Group 51R for 4cyl: 31500-SR1-100M
Group 35 for V6: 31500-SL5-100M
Group 24F (generally the "go to" replacement battery- very powerful, inexpensive- make sure it has an "F" at the end to the positive and negative terminals line up with the cables.)
Click the link below for exact size dimensions (by Group Size) of aftermarket batteries.
BatteryWeb, Inc. - BCI Group Numbers, Dimensional Specifications, Polarity and Terminals

Shopping for parts: Always shop around. My local dealer charges full price, but I can order from an out-of-state Honda dealer off of the internet and save 30% with free shipping and no tax! Of course, it takes 5 days to get to me. Plan ahead and save money.

The 4 cylinder engine (I4) has a timing chain- which does not require replacement.
The 6 cylinder engine (V6) has a timing belt- this requires replacement every 105,000 miles or 7 years, whichever comes first. is THE "go to" forum for learning and discussing about all things Accord-related. There is a wealth of knowledge here- so learn how to search first, and even how to use "Advanced Search".

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Let's try to make this a thread for new owners to hit up and get their ride in top shape. And for us to look at and gain some confidence to tackle the next project.

Please send me a private message if you have suggestions for an improvement or to see an alternative "How To" post.

We should always strive to improve and update these "How To" threads. So if you find a more informative "How To", please let me know. And have some fun while you are learning- create your own "How To". Try to show everything you did, tools used, torque specifications, etc. Constructive criticism can be useful here- take a risk and create!

I post this in the hopes that it saves someone a few bucks, or gets the baby home from the hospital, or gets your brother to his first job, or makes the hand-me down car like new to give to your recent graduate. A long time ago a retiring mechanic gave me a repair manual so I could help my single mother have a reliable car- I'll never forget that.

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Excellent work!

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Really great posts, I was just about to look into changing the transmission fluid.

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Let's keep this thread about "How To" and Maintenance.:)

Any suggestions, links, or if you just did some maintenance and have some pics or tips, PLEASE let me know. If you find the pictures from some of these posted links are missing, please let me know. Thank you!

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Thinking of getting a new battery for your ride? Check out this long yet informative write-up about batteries:

There are also many, many threads on Drive Accord about batteries in general, and "upgrading" to a larger battery. Know that Johnson Controls makes about 80% of the batteries we buy, with Exide and East Penn making up the other 20%. There are small, specialized companies (like Odyssey Battery) that make very high-end and highly-rated batteries, but be prepared to pay 2-3 times more.

Come to think of it, I think I'll start a new, separate battery thread to spark discussion. As wise members here point out- the time to research and shop for a new battery is BEFORE you need a new battery.

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Getting ready to do a D&F, great instructions on the Armystrong guide, just make sure your fluid is DW-1.

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This post was really helpful.. A good overview of basic maintenance. Hopefully most will follow up..:thmsup:

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Thanks, last week I did an engine oil change, flushed transmission fluid, changed cabin and engine air filter, changed sparks on my 2005 v6 hybrid with all your help. .got 207k miles shootimg for at least 300-350k...thanks again

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im new to this forum not really sure where to post this but i am having trouble locating the vsa button i have a 2005 5 speed 2.4 ex model there is no button next to my sun roof control where it says it should be in the manual when i launch the car i can feel the traction control causing the car to hop
Your car doesn't have VSA, or even traction control, Dufus. If it did, you couldn't get the car to wheel hop. Stop drag racing your family car, and stop posting questions in this "Sticky" thread, Dufus.:thumbsdow

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Not a DIY, but timing belt after 9 years or 109k miles for the V6's.
Thanks Ben!
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I just bought an LX '05 4cyl with 97,000 miles replacing my '06..of course now i don't have a maintenance schedule because I don't know what was done and when on it. I don't know when the transmission fluid was drained last. Should I just do it? I have the stuff to do it. Also what is the sport package? spoiler, and sunroof? I couldn't find an original sales brochure.

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I just bought an LX '05 4cyl with 97,000 miles replacing my '06..of course now i don't have a maintenance schedule because I don't know what was done and when on it. I don't know when the transmission fluid was drained last. Should I just do it? I have the stuff to do it. Also what is the sport package? spoiler, and sunroof? I couldn't find an original sales brochure.
MT or Auto? Either way, if you're unsure I'd just do it to be safe. If AT, then do the 3x3 drain+fill with Honda fluid only.
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