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Yikes. I hope that you have a low tax rate where you live. I would have waited until the 2023 Accord comes out- and then traded in the 2022. Generally when that happens, you only pay sales tax on the difference between the car that you are trading in and the one that you are buying.

If you sell you car to Carmax... and then go buy a car from a different dealership later on... you end up paying sales tax on the entire value of the new car.

That doesn't really matter if you live in a state that doesn't have a sales tax (or has a low sales tax). At a 5% sales tax, a new Accord sold for $37,000 would result in paying $1850 in sales tax... $50 for ever $1000 you spend on a new car.

If you would have traded your 2022 in and still were able to get $37,000 for it... you likely would have saved nearly $2,000.

When I traded in my 2019 Accord in, the dealer tried to low ball me- and all I had to do is show them the offer that Carmax made on the car and they matched it. Same thing when I traded in my 2021 Accord. They tried to suggest that I should include something that they called "sales tax savings" as part of my trade-in value... but ultimately it was just a ploy to try and offer me less than what the car was worth. I was firm and demanded fair market value- and eventually they agreed for both the 2019 and 2021 Accords.

I completely understand your frustration and lack of faith in your local Honda dealer. There are five different Honda dealers within about thirty minutes of my house- and they all have horrible service departments that try to scam customers into unnecessary services while doing just about anything to deny a warranty claim. It's the main reason why I got rid of my 2021 Accord. It had clear issues yet the dealership refused to fix it under warranty despite several attempts. It's much the same with my wife's 2021 Passport. She loves the car- but it too has an issue that the two different dealerships have refused to fix- saying that they can't replicate the issue. It's a pretty common issue and I've even taken video of it happening- but they still refuse to fix it. Like I said- my wife loves it... but I'm going to try and convince her to get rid of it before the 3yr/36k warranty expires.

It's just bad luck I think. The two Hondas we owned before were extremely well-built and reliable. (A 2016 Accord and then the 2019 Accord) Maybe Honda struggled a bit with quality control during the pandemic.
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