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2022 hybrid Accord EX-L radiant red
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Last week, I had taken my Accord to Planet Honda in Golden Colorado to have the SiriusXM antenna repaired because it no longer worked and said that the antenna was shorted on the screen. They claimed they could nothing wrong and that it was telling them to check for active subscription. Nothing was wrong with my sub, I've had it since 2002 or so.

I have no faith in them being able to fix the problem so I decided to sell the car to CarMax. I bought the car in December for $34,000 for the EX-L model. I sold it for $37,000 with 7,100 miles on it. I paid the car off 42 months early in June and because I had low 1.9% financing, I didn't pay much interest in the five months I paid on the car. Tomorrow I'll go to the dealer and get a refund on the warranty.

I'll use the money to buy a 2023 Accord hybrid when they come out and pay cash.
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