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I've been jacking with this problem for 6-8 months. I'd get this crazy, intermittant resonant vibration / rattle from the front RH engine compartment at idle in gear (D or R), especially when backing up with the wheels turned hard to one side or another. And the crazy thing is it wasn't always consistent in volume, rattle quality :naughty: or even rearing its ugly head.

I took her into the dealer (I4 automatic) a month ago with that being the primary complaint and got a new shock (rear one had a leak) and the tensioner pulley replaced under my extended warranty (93k '06), but the rattle / vibration was still there. Prior to that I climbed under the car and tightened or checked every heat shield or possible vibration point --- could find nothing out of whack.

Earlier this week I stop by my paint and body buddy's house for a beer and to catch up, and I mention the problem. The vibration is there slightly, but would go away every time he opened and closed the hood. After 15 minutes of opening and closing the hood and him listening he smiles and says "shut it off..." I get out and walk to the front of the car. He points down to the hood support rod and where it attaches into the front LH inner fender and says "your grommet surrounding the hood rod is gone.. that's the problem." :lmao:

Three days later I got this from ebay (HONDA OEM 91604S5A003 Hood-Support Rod Grommet) for under $3 shipped. No more noise.

Hope this helps!
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