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Guys, I am about to install some new door and rear speakers. My question is this...I assume the OEM wires will be taped and still use standard male/female connectors?...or will I have to unwrap the OEM tape and splice new connectors for the new speakers.

I plan to keep the factory tweeters...some new speakers have tweeters in them....will it be odd to have more than 2 tweeters in a car stereo...wont that sound "tinny"??

When installing the speakers, you will have to tap into OEM wires UNLESS you pick these up

As for your other question, there is a stock crossover on each side of your car which separates the low frequencies from the high frequencies. The high frequencies get sent to your tweeter in the sail panel. The lower frequencies get sent to your door speaker. In other words, if a speaker has a built in tweeter, you will likely hear little sound coming from it. This is because the the speaker has a built in crossover as well. If you come across two models of speakers, one with an integrated tweeter, and one without, go with the one without as it will be cheaper and sound just as good.
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