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Hello guys, i'm new here.

My name is Leandro and I'm from Brazil. I have an Accord 8th EX 3.5 V6 sedan with Xenon D2R OEM. There was a crash. Parts of this car are difficult to find and very expensive here in Brazil. It's a "rare" car.
I bought a pair of headlights, and only then discovered that they are the model LX 2.0 sedan, to receive bulbs HB4 halogen. I fitted my D2R xenon bulbs to fit the HB4 Headlight, but it does not give focus. I want to install a retrofit projector, but the problem is that my system (cables and dock) is for D2R and my headlamp is HB4. Which kit do you recommend? some for HB4 and adapt the D2R cables to HB4?

Obs. My tinker said he found a loose cable that would be to receive HB4 lamps, but I did not find it. This car comes prepared to receive the two headlights (D2R or HB4)?

I'm sorry for the confusion of information and my english, and thanks for your attention.


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