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"squirt" noise....

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Hello Everyone,

For the past 2 months my 2003 accord I4 w/mt has been making this weird "squirt" sound after each start. It only comes within the first few minutes of starting the car, and after each time I start it. I made a little video and the noise pops up right around the 11 second mark. It seems to be coming from the center or towards the right side. I cannot figure out what it could be. Anyone else had this problem before, and any input from you guys would be great. Thanks in advance.

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Can you locate the noise more closely? If its from under the dash it may be one of the heater door actuators moving. If its from the engine compartment it could be something like the AC compressor, ABS self test or power steering pump. Try starting the car with the AC & defrost completely off. Otherwise you can open the hood then start it to see if you can tell whats making the noise.
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