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Hey guys, Im looking for some advice.

Ive got a 2011 Accord EX-V6 with 90,000km. A few weeks ago my steering suddenly got loose. maybe only 5 or 10 degrees but its enough to nitic. For the life of me i cant think of why this happened. I changed the power steering fluid this summer, made sure to use OEM Honda fluids. Im looking at fixing the problem myself but im not sure which end to start at. Here are a few points that might help us to narrow it down. Let me know what you think.

  • Very short squeel from belt area when starting the car cold
  • Steering was feeling abit stiff, nothing crazy but not as good as other cars
  • Ball joints and linkages seem fine when i checked them
  • No clunking sounds
  • No loud noises when steering
  • Fluid looks sort of dark despite being changed this summer

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No its got a plastic cover around it that snaps right off. No tools needed. Check inner and outter tie rods and all other ball joints. If they are all tight and the column checks out... rack and pinion likely is the issue I'd imagine.
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