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If this is a path your serious about, keep in mind you'll want to keep airbag function, and you'll more than likely be saying goodbye to your steering wheel controls ...

Grant makes good quality stuff ;

One pretty trick move I've seen on a few Honda's, is switching the wheel for another OEM Honda - example a Civic Si-R wheel in a Fit, or an RDX with it's nav unit in an old NSX ... food for thought, but changing the steering wheel on a modern car is NOT as simple as changing the wheel on an old hot rod ...
Well that is something good to think about. Maybe, I will look at other oem wheels.
Could an EP3 Civic wheel fit? I dont mind saying goodbye to my steering wheel controls.

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Maybe ... see below summary from this thread ;

Taking into consideration spline counts and column size, but not offset of the wheel itself. (You could still have clearance issues even if the shaft and socket match up!)

The following Hondas use 33 spline:

98-02 Accord
03-07 Accord
08-10 Accord
03-07 Accord Euro R
96-00 Civic (377mm diameter)
01-05 Civic
06-10 Civic
97-01 CRV
96-00 Domani
97-00 EL
01-05 EL
01-08 Fit
09-10 Fit
99-06 HRV
00-06 Insight
97-01 Prelude
99-09 S2000
02-07 RSX
03-07 TSX

The following Hondas use 29 spline:

90-93 Accord (377mm diameter)
94-97 Accord
88-91 Civic
92-95 Civic
92-97 del Sol (371mm diameter)
92-95 Domani
90-93 Integra
94-01 Integra
88-91 Prelude (371mm diameter)
92-96 Prelude

*Keep in mind some cars have single stage airbags and some cars have dual stage airbags, which means there is one charge for low impact collisions and another for high speed collisions. Using the airbag type not matched to the car could cause your SRS system to not work properly.
Thank you for the chart. Very helpful!
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