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Stolen Mitigation Radar/Sensor

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Hello Everyone. I'm new to this group. I just purchased my first Honda Accord (2019) recently and unfortunately, my mitigation radar just got stolen this week. It was then that I found out these radars/sensors are pretty popular in the car theft world. I'd like to get it replaced, but I'm really afraid that it'd only get stolen again. Upon looking in the grill, it looks like it's very easy to steal this radar. Has anyone found a way to install this radar in a secure way that's better than how Honda did it? If I can find a way to put it in better, in a way that it can't be stolen, I'd like to try to get another one. Thank you
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ffs now the radar is a theft problem? can these guys just f off and leave our accords in peace? every one of them should be dropped off a cliff
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