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So my 2005 accord v6 6 speed has 2 main issues. 1st being my clutch makes a loud clicking noise similar to rod knock but when you take off it or accelerate in gear it goes away. Someone diagnosed it as the throw out bearing. I was planning on getting a stage 2 eBay clutch kit, but my other problem is that my struts are pretty bad. On hard acceleration it makes a loud thumping noise when I let off. It’s from the passenger front and rear of the car. I was just wanting to get a double take on what I should do
Well regarding the clutch you need repair it? repair what? you need to take it apart to see what’s going on, sees what is damaged but since you have the transmission apart you might as well replace everything like throw out bearing, pressure plate and the clutch. Anytime I replace a clutch disc I replace all 3 items since I have it apart.
same with the struts, get under there and see if anything is loose or damaged, it may be something needs to be tighten, anything else from this forum is just guesses.
good luck
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