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I have a Black 2014 EX-L V6 sedan AT with the "premium" sound system and no NAVI. I've owned 2000/2007 Black Accord V6 sedans in the past.

From what I've learned, the outputs from the factory unit are balanced differential and can be input directly into certain amplifiers (JL XD series for example). I would like to split the rear factory inputs (pins 6 RR-, 18 RR+, 9 RL-, 21RL+ per 2013 schematic attached) into the factory amplifier to feed a sub amp. The factory amp would still have inputs to allow the rear speakers to function normally. I am thinking this will help to avoid any issues with the ANC as the ANC feeds into the factory amplifier and doesn't alter the original signal from the factory head unit. It may pick up the sub output from the internal mics, but I think the sub would win in the end. I would also get a cleaner signal vs using the speaker lines directly through a line out converter.

As a secondary option, I was hoping to put a toggle on the power line to the ANC unit in the console. This would allow for me to switch the ANC on/off as I would like to retain this feature when I'm not in bass enhancement mode. Optionally, I could relay all of the ANC inputs to the factory amp, or the mic inputs, but I'd rather do it with a single wire.

I've found some links to schematics for the 2013 accord, but I'm not sure if this has changed for 2014. How many have hooked their amps up with this method? How did it turn out? Also, does anyone know which wire in the ANC would give me the toggle ability I'm looking for? I'll get out my multimeter if I have too.... but I'm hoping someone else has already gone down this road. :thmsup:

Thanks for any input.

I've attached the 2013 schematic and system diagram.


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