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Sway Bars

you feel diffrence in the back more, of course it will decrease understeer of your car, but you will have oversteer as well. so you have to go for the front as well. am not face any oversteer right now coz am running 235/40/19 bridgstoen 050 potenza which give me hard grip in the road.

my god. that post is almost killing me, am not sure what they finally said about i4 accord sway bars.

do you know anything useful about any aftermarket front sway bar or how to upgrade that tiny bar
I installed the 22mm bar....Way too stiff. I then installed the Acura TL 19mm bar...better but still on the stiff side. I am going back to the OEM 14mm bar for the winter as the Blizzak winter tires are stiffer than the OEM Goodyear tires and the ride is a bit harsh for me. I may go back to the Acura bar when I put the OEM tires and wheels back on in March. If someone is interested in the 22mm bar, I have one.
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