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Tail Lights not working

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Hey guys,
So i was trying to do the Zexen tail light modification with the one wire method to my 8th gen and for some reason now the tail lights don't work. I was following the instruction carefully and after completing the drivers side i went to test it out and it did not work. I tried to go find the problem and turned the lights on afterwards and than nothing. No lights were working. After starting the car i noticed that:
1) License plate light does not work
2) Front driver side parking lights/signal lights do not work (until i signal than they turn on)
3) Rear passenger side turn signal and brake work only when signal/brake are applied
4) Rear driver side brake light does not work at all however signal light does

Any help would be greatly appreciated guys
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You blew a fuse.
Thanks for the quick reply Doom,
How do i go about replacing the blown fuse/where is it located.
I thought that might of been the case and tried looking for it but no luck finding it..
Your owner's manual has a complete fuse diagram.
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