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2004 Honda Accord V6
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I have an 04 V6. The TCS and Brake indicator are staying on and after taking my car into the local Honda service center was told that I need a new Brake Master Cylinder because they think the sensor is going bad in it.
In another forum I read that sometimes the sensor can get triggered by flushing the brake lines or replacing the fluid or pads. Coincidentally, I had a brake system fluid flush done last March, about a month before this problem started.

I do not want to just throw my money on the problem hoping that it will fix the light issue, the car drives fine it is really just an issue with getting those lights turned off. I am wondering what my best option is here.

I've also read that it could be the brake switch, would they have caught that at the service center? I"m unsure about how the codes are read, if they think it is the brake master cylinder was there a code coming directly from that?
Sorry, not too familiar with working on this kind of car and how codes and sensors are read.
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