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....I drove the '13 Altima SL and it felt fine in all but a 65 MPH off ramp under braking where I did a series quick right left moves of the steering wheel and the rear end felt very skittish. Not as much a twitchiness but the suspension was upset and seemed as if the rebound and compression were out of sync with the direction the car was attempting to go. The Accord was rock solid on the same ramp under the same circumstances......
Anyone look under the car and check out the rear suspension design? It appears to me that Honda may have designed it with the ability to add all wheel drive. Is this design shared with any other Honda products? There seems to be room under the rear strut for a half-shaft. Just wondering. I noticed that when I was looking around for the rear jack point. Put the snow tires on the car Friday.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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