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thought i share this to the community to the people who have been considering clear bra-ing their car but was on the fence due to long term/money/aftermath/leasing/time

i haven't used it myself, but i plan to look into it.

i found this on a lexus forum ^_^

video of it being on and taken off

effectiveness vs rocks demo

buy the product

• Why do I need to protect the paint on my vehicle?
Protecting the vulnerable areas of your vehicle helps prevent chips, scratches, dings and other damage from happening. As a result, your vehicle will look newer longer and have a higher trade-in value potential.

• What does Paint Defender Spray Film guard against?
Paint Defender Spray Film guards against a range of hazards, including bugs and other airborne insects; gravel, sand, road grime, and rocks and paint chip-causing road debris anywhere.

• What surfaces on my vehicle can I protect with 3M™ Paint Defender Spray Film (i.e. paint, glass, chrome, plastic, moldings, etc)?
This product can be used on smooth surfaces, such as painted panels and other painted or coated smooth pieces, such as chrome and trim. Follow the recommended applications procedure, making sure to wax the surface before spraying the coating. The product is not recommended on glass, textured trim, rubber trim, headlights, seals, or moldings.

• How long does 3M™ Paint Defender Spray Film last?
3M™ Paint Defender Spray Film will protect for at least 1 year. Depending on sunlight (UV) exposure, after a year the film may start to yellow and show signs of wear. At this point 3M™ Paint Defender Spray Film can be removed and a new coating applied.

• What should I do if there is foam build-up on the nozzle of the aerosol can?
Keep a paper towel or clean cloth on-hand and lightly wipe the nozzle if foam or excess product builds up while spraying. If you are using the 3M™ Paint Defender Spray Trigger and you wipe the nozzle, be sure the nozzle is centered on the opening of the trigger. It is unlikely to happen, but if the 3M™ Paint Defender Spray Film foams or drips into the coating as it is being sprayed, do not attempt to wipe it off of the panel. It will level out and dry clear.

• Do I need any special tools to remove the film?
No. The film can be removed by hand. Simply break the seal along the edge of a panel with your finger, peel a corner, and start the removal process. If any residue remains after peeling, use a glass cleaner with ammonia or soak with hot soapy water and clean with a soft towel. Note: The film will not come loose until you initiate removal and, once fully cured, can be washed and waxed like the rest of the vehicle.

• How does this product compare to professional paint protection film products on the market?
This product is designed to be easily applied at home and is an affordable paint protection option for any vehicle owner. Most vehicles today do not currently have paint protection, leaving them exposed to numerous road hazards.

In terms of protection, this product offers significant protection for at least one year compared to just waxing - what most vehicles on the road use today.

When compared to professionally applied paint protection products, the differences are:

Application method: Paint Defender Spray Film is spray by hand while professional paint protection is a film applied by a certified installer.
Lifetime: Paint Defender Spray Film will last at least one year while professional paint protection typically last for 5 to 7 years.
Durability: Paint Protection products are rated on a 0 to 10 scale using an industry approved test method. Paint Defender Spray Film provides approximately 80% of the protection of common professional paint protection films using the industry standard test method.
• What will happen if I don’t wax the surface and I apply 3M™ Paint Defender Spray Film?
The film will be more difficult to remove and may come off in several small pieces. If waxed properly, the film can be easily removed in one, or very few, large pieces.

• What will happen if my vehicle engine or panel is still hot when I want to spray this coating?
If the panel you are protecting is still hot, the coating can dry too quickly. This can cause the film to dry with a textured surface rather than a smooth, even appearance. Give the panel and engine proper time to cool off before starting your project.

• If a bug, leaf, or other debris lands in the coating while spraying or drying, what do I do?
If it is a large piece of debris and the coating is still wet, remove it with a tweezers. Some areas may self-level, but a small defect may remain where the debris was.

• How do I know if I have applied the correct amount of product?
For proper application, following the instructions and watch the how-to video on It is important to spray at the right speed, be the proper distance from the panel, and apply 3 continuous coats. If you have applied too little, you will notice pin holes or “thin” spots. If you have applied too much, leave the coating as is; it will dry clear.

• Should I wait a certain amount of time between each coat?
Each coat should be sprayed on top of the next without waiting. If too much time passes and the film starts to dry before the next coat is applied, it can result in texture or reduced clarity in the final film. If more product or coats are going to be added, it should be done within 10 minutes of when the spray application started.

•After spraying the coating, the texture looks like the surface of an orange. Will it self-level?
The orange peel texture is normal when the coating is wet and indicated the product has been applied properly. The coating will self-level to a smooth surface while it is drying.

• Why do I have to remove the tape when it is wet?
If the coating is allowed to dry before the tape is removed, the coating can stick to the tape and result is a jagged film edge. If the coating is sticking to the tape, pull the tape back onto itself and to the side at a 45 degree angle. This will help the tape to cut a clean edge rather than lifting the edges of the coating.

• How do I remove overspray from the floor, vehicle panels, or other surfaces?
A glass cleaner that contains ammonia or warm soap and water can be used to remove overspray. For overspray, soaking it or multiple treatments may be needed.

• How long does the product take to dry to the touch?
This product will take approximately 2-4 hours to dry to the touch. This dry time will vary by humidity, temperature, and air movement in the immediate area.

• How long does the product take to fully cure? Why does this matter?
This product will take approximately 1-4 days to fully cure. If the coating is not fully cured, it can reabsorb water and temporarily have a white, milky appearance. If left untouched, the coating should dry clear again and not be compromised. If the appearance is undesirable once dry, the film can be removed and a new coating applied.

• How soon after applying can I drive the vehicle?
Once the coating is dry to the touch in 2 to 4 hours, the vehicle can be driven. Keep the vehicle away from moisture until fully cured.

• How can I speed up the cure time?
Because the product is water-based, the product must fully cure before being exposed to water. Once dry to the touch, exposing the film to heat by parking your car in direct sunlight will speed up the curing process.

• Can I take my car through a car wash after applying this product?
Once the coating has fully cured, hand washing or touch-less car washes are recommended. Brush washes can reduce clarity and scratch the film. Touch-less car wash chemicals can leave residue on the film. Wipe down or wax the car to remove residue.

• Can I use any wax under the film? Over the dried film?
Under the film: The 3M™ Synthetic Wax Protectant, provided with PN90000 3M™ Paint Defender Spray Film, is recommended and will provide easy removal of the film. Other waxes should work but removal of the film may become more difficult.

Over the dried film: Most waxes commonly found in the market can be applied over the film once it has fully cured.

• Does this product give my paint UV protection?
No, this product is designed to protect from rocks, sand, bugs, and more. It does not offer significant UV protection.

• When I remove the coating, will the paint look different when compared to the paint that is not covered?
The paint under the coating should look cleaner and show less wear (scuffs, scratches, and oxidation) than the paint around it.

• Can I add layers to get increased protection?
Follow the application process highlighted in the directions and product video. Three to four layers will provide significant protection. Additional layers can be added, but the appearance of the film will be negatively affected.

ps sorry is this has been posted before

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I am currently using this product on my '13 Accord and BRZ. Boy, let me tell about the pain and struggles this product brought to my life. The product basically feels like the cling wrap you use to wrap your left over food and it is not thick at all. It is okay if you are using it for like couple of months but it is not going to last up to a year. The sprayed product also gets dirty really fast if you are near pollen or sap areas (do not park under a tree). Whenever you wash your car, you have to gentle on the sprayed areas and try not to rub it off or mess up the whole sprayed area. Do not, I repeat do not use any kind of power washer on it or else it will rip apart. I have had spray both of my cars several times because I am a cheap-o and can't hand over the money for the real clearbra. In addition, I had an incident where I was traveling on the highway and some semi was carrying hay in its back had the hay flying everywhere on to the people who were behind. The aftermath wasn't pretty, I had multiple spots where the 3M defender ripped apart and I had to remove all the material again (the removal part is not easy at all like the video demo shows, I had to use stoner's tarminator and my power washer to really get it all off) and spray a new one. Overall, I would recommend getting the clearbra by 3M or suntek because those are way thicker, last longer and a better material.
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