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The "No Key" error still continues...

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I am beyond frustrated with honda quality control.

1) alignment issues - Steers left but the dealership's system says its perfect
2) something under my passenger seat rattles when i go on uneven roads (dealer cant fix it since i have aftermarket wheels)
3) This damn no key error... ive attached a pic...

Dealer kept the car for 3 days...says it could not replicate the problem. I took a video that i am giving u guys a screenshot of.. and they still cant detect the problem. I got No key error with the key inside my car while i was headed home from work one night. It stayed on the whole time till i got home and turned car off and i turned it back on it was not there anymore...

I get the same error randomly when im dropping someone off (co workers) and my gear is still on "drive" and they open the passenger door to get beeps along with the error...

I paid what honda asked for on this car..doesnt mean i have to **** up this crap and "live" with it....

The dealer gave the car back to me saying they have never seen a problem like this..even after they called honda tech's and got their opinion aswell (so im the only one in all of United States who has this "no key" issue...

Ive contacted Honda of America myself and they have recommended to try 2nd key instead and see if the problem replicates or goto a different dealer..

Im just getting pretty tired of this crap.
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Correct me if I'm wrong, I don't have a 9th gen, but from the picture it looks like your headlight and fog lights are on. And you're doing about 50 without a seatbelt. I don't see any key missing light.
Edit: I see the "no key" sign now
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