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About a month ago, I had a local SoCal engine place replace the original 1998 engine (with 184k miles) after a compression test showed there was only 17-22 lbs in one cylinder. I towed a Uhaul trailer when I moved from Washington down SoCal - yeah I know big mistake. After the loss of compression I probably should have had more control over the purchase bcuz they couldn't(wouldnt) even give me the mileage on the JDM. I've had it for about 1000 miles now and everytime I check the dipstick, I'm below the bottom level but the lights on the dash haven't come on. Car runs like a champ tho and I go from desert to mountains every 4-6 weeks to visit family. Luckily I have a 12 month warranty on the engine, but you know how that goes.

So...did I get a bad JDM? Do I have to wait until the Carfax comes out to see what mileage that JDM had on it. What weight/kind of oil should I be using - been running synthetic.

Any thoughts after you've put in a JDM engine in your 6G Honda would be appreciated.

El Cajon
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